Dual-band Magnetic Mobile Antenna (AM-VHF1/4/GPS Magnetic mount)

This dual-band mobile antenna of Inmak’s GPS series of antennas is supplied with a 1/4 wave radiator of conical black-chromed stainless steel. Internally the product is coupled with an active GPS module. The magnetic mounting solution allows for flexibility when choosing an appropriate spot on the vehichle. The two bands are provided with 20-cm-long cables of the RG174 type and can terminate on any connector.

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VHF 1/4


Frequency Range 130-235 MHz
SWR < 1.5
Gain 0 dB /2.15 dBi/
Impedance 50 Ω
Max Power 20 W
Polarization Vertical
Supply Voltage -
Consumption -
Noise Figure -


Connector any
Cable type 5 m RG58
Weight 350 g ± 30 g
Mounting Magnetic
Material Radiator: stainless steel Base: steel and polyamide
Operating Temperature -30 to +80°C



Frequency Range 1575.42 MHz
SWR < 1.5
Gain 24 dBi at 2.7V / 26 dBi at 5V
Impedance 50 Ω
Max Power -
Polarization RHCP
Supply Voltage 2.7-5 V
Consumption 12 mA at 2.7V / 26 mA at 5V
Noise Figure 1.7-2.1 dB


Connector any
Cable type 5 m RG174