GPS Mobile Antenna (AM-GPS double adhesive tape)

Should you be interested only in an external GPS antenna solution, Inmak has included in its GPS series of
products this pure GPS double adhesive tape antenna.
The GPS module is provided with 5-m-long cable of the RG174 type and can terminate on any connector.

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Frequency Range 1575.42 MHz
SWR < 1.5
Gain 24 dBi at 2.7V 26 dBi at 5V
Impedance 50 Ω
Polarization RHCP
Consumption 12 mA at 2.7V 26 mA at 5V
Noise Figure 1.7-2.1 dB


Connector any type
Cable type RG 174
Weight 20 g ± 5 g
Mounting Double adhesive tape
Material Polyamide
Operating Temperature -30 to +80°C